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Price: $170.00

Xtracycle FreeLoader Saddlebags

This item has been discontinued from our shop.

We recommend the following alternatives:

  • Xtracycle X1 FreeLoader Saddlebags $100.00Minimal bulk and maximum flexibility for carrying all kinds of cargo. These bags expand and grab large objects, then you can cinch them down to keep your cargo secure and stable.
  • Xtracycle BagsOrganize your Setup with Xtracycle Bags
  • Set of right and left bags.
  • Available colors: Black
  • Includes: 2 FreeLoader Bags with male/female buckles to allow over-the-top strapping and compatibility with Xtracycle Pannier Racks and V-racks
  • New waterproof fabric
  • Materials: 1200D coated polyester
  • Materials: Nylon straps
  • Weight: 31oz / 880g

Xtracycle offers a 1 year warranty on accessories and components.

Xtracycle FreeLoader Saddlebagsclick image to enlarge
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Price: $170.00

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Product Reviews

02 May 2011
Curtis F says...
As simple, durable, and reliable as advertised. They might be a bit smaller than I envisioned but they have exceeded my expectations. They carry my four large canvas tote bags filled with groceries with ease. The open ended sling design is easily adaptable to many larger, bulkier loads like beach chairs, garden tools, and even other bikes. They are much more versatile than my old panniers. I'm now able to pack what I need and not just what I'm able to carry. Xtracycle has also built in some smart little features that I wasn't aware of when I purchased them but have been very useful. The left and right side buckles join to make a long strap for securing items to the deck. The interior pocket keeps smaller stuff handy and the drain holes in the bottom make them easy to clean.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
02 Nov 2010
Thomas W says...
Background: These bags were bought to replace my worn out older model. I am currently cycling south from Banff/Alberta to Tierra del Fuego using dirt roads etc giving the bags (and me) a good workout. I am carrying my kit in 2 60L dry bags (one on either side). I then have a strap round the both of them to stop them moving/shifting while cycling the rocky stuff. This pushes the inner part of the bags in towards wheel a bit (this wasn't an issue with the old-style bags). First impression: These are well made, and represent a step-up in qualityy from the original freeloader bags. I've been in some wet weather, but not an absolute lashing, so can't attest to exactly how waterproof the inner pockets are. The adjustment and set up is pretty straight forward. It uses clips instead of loops and I have yet to use them for long enough to attest to their durability. Potential problems: Using the setup I do (particularly the strap I use to keep movement to a minimum) the rear longitudinal tensioning straps come within a cm of the rear part of the wheel. It is possible to set things up so they don't interfer or rub when conditions are good; but I worry about using my set up in thick mud (plentiful on my route south - I'm in Northern Mexico now). I will probably end up cutting up those buckles out and using the front buckles to give length-wise tension. Overall: Well made, worth getting, but some issues with fully loaded bags coming close to the rear part of your tire, especially in muddly conditions or when running wider tires (I have 2" Shwalbe Marathon XR).
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
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