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Velo Orange Bags & Racks

Velo Orange Bags & Racks

Getting Started:

Velo Orange products are based in the reality that most cyclists don't race, or even tour. So why hunch over on a racing bike, thinking you should be going faster than you really need to go?

If you are ready for a more relaxed and comfortable style of riding, then accessorize your bike with the classic style of Velo Orange Saddle Bags, and Velo Orange Handlebar Bags. Take it easy. Explore the countryside. Go the long way to work.

These racks and bags are modeled after older traditional designs and materials. The affinity for stainless steel and waxed canvas give riders a timeless look and style.

Velo Orange has been discontinued from our website. Please consider products by Banjo Brothers or Racktime as an alternative.

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