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Price: $239.95 $119.99

Thule Commuter Pannier Set

Stock status: Out of stock, availability unknown, not accepting backorders
Discontinued/No Longer Available.

Please Note: We've been getting quite a few inquiries whether this deal is for real. Yes! Its for real.

Thule decided to discontinue the left and right versions of this pannier and replace it with the new Thule Commuter Pannier for either side. To reduce the old stock, Thule offered the right and a left to us at an amazing low price and we are passing that savings along to you.

And now for our writeup:

Commuter panniers that fit nearly any bike rack, and perfectly fit the Thule Tour Rack.

When off the bike, the attachment hardware vanishes -- so it doesn't poke into you. Carry it by the handle, or like a messenger bag with the included shoulder strap.

Bags sold as a set.

***Have a look at our review of these awesome panniers.

  • Designed to perfectly fit the Thule Tour Rack.
  • Fits on virtually any rack.
  • Easy to mount with our patent pending vanishing hardware attachment system including magnetic connection.
  • Easy to carry off the bike; no attachments sticking into you thanks to Thule's patent pending vanishing hardware.
  • Weatherproof and breathable main material.
  • Roll top design.
  • Comfortable handle for carrying.
  • Custom compression buckles allow adjustment for variety of load sizes.
  • Messenger bag style shoulder strap included.
  • Rain cover included.
  • Smart bike light pockets lets you keep your 'blinky' with you at all times in the bag without need for extra attachments on the bike.
  • Built in reflective fabric increases visibility when night riding.
  • External Size: 18.9 x 11.8 x 4.7 in / 11.9 x 30 x 11.9 cm
  • Volume: 2318 cu in /38 l (pair)
  • Weight: 6.1 lbs / 2.8 kg (pair)
    Thule's warranty covers this product for 5 years from date of purchase.
Thule Commuter Pannier Setclick image to enlarge
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Price: $239.95 $119.99

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Product Reviews

24 Sep 2015
Jose R says...
Received these yesterday and rode today. This is an amazing deal. These buys look and function every bit like their regular $240.00 price. But you can get them for $97! The latching system is absolutely perfect and super easy. Comes with several different extra accessories to attach to wider or thinner horizontal and vertical bars. Plus the distance between the attaching points is also adjustable. The quality and the look of these bags are absolutely premium with a 5 year warranty. I actually look forward to using these bags even when I am walking around with the included absolutely Euro-cool looking. The padding where it touches the bicycle is heavy duty. So strong, these look like they were made for a motorcycle. Don't think I will ever need any other panniers -ever. Lastly there is no good reason why the right or left side cannot be interchanged or you can buy one set and share it with a buddy (2 for 1) If you are on the market for panniers, this is it- while they last.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
13 Aug 2015
Mark S says...
MOTORCYCLE CRASH-TESTED... passed with flying colors. So, I am a non-traditional user of the Thule Commuter Pannier Set and Pack 'n Pedal Side Frames. I've been a motorcyclist for 25 years and travel with soft luggage regularly. I created an aluminum pannier frame for my bike and attached the Thule Side Frames and Commuter Panniers for a road trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway and surrounding twisty roads with my son (on another cycle). I wanted a durable, lightweight and innovative system and found the bags here on Bike Bag Shop. Day one we are riding a seriously curvy road with our little sportbikes (Honda CBR250Rs) and I slid on a turn at 40MPH and ended up doing a low-side crash where I was left behind after I went down... the Honda with the Thule bags slid across the road and into the gravel, coming to rest about 100 feet from where I lost traction. The 360 pound motorcycle slid that entire distance on the left Commuter Pannier and Thule Side Frame with the magnetic mounting system. The bag not only stayed on the motorcycle for the whole incident, but it also did a great job holding up against road rash. It got a few abrasions and saved the rear bodywork and cycle blinker at the same time! The Side Frame had NO damage, even with its plastic and aluminum construction. I picked the bike up, dusted it off and went on my way for 3 more days of riding. SO - any normal use of these bags and frames will likely last forever if they did so well under these extreme conditions. The magnetic system stays put at 75MPH on the Interstate, with minimal "wiggle." For $97 - you would be crazy to buy anything else!
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
12 Aug 2015
Timothy B says...
I love these Pannier bags! I should add the caution that it is possible to over tighten the magnet clamps and crack the plastic. They will still hold the pannier in place, but will slide around when the bags are removed
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
02 Apr 2015
Erica M says...
I ordered these Thule panniers to use for touring as well as grocery shopping. They got here in about 2 days, so much quicker than I expected! Super easy to use, quality material and very spacious. Plus they look great on my bike! I used them this week for grocery shopping and I had plenty of space for everything. I'm hoping to use them for some touring this summer!!! If your interested in a set of panniers this is a great buy. My boyfriend said he likes them so much he's gonna order a pair for himself!
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
15 Jan 2015
Ashley S says...
Awesome, awesome product and AMAZING DEAL. Received the order super quick and am thrilled with these. Thanks!
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
03 Oct 2014
Thomas L says...
I agree with the comments of the other reviewers, quality construction, modern design and a very good value at the sale price. I bought these panniers because I was tired of commuting with work clothes, laptop, etc. in a backpack. The commute is 25 miles roundtrip and I like to add more miles on nice days just to enjoy time on the bike but, that leads to a very sweaty, tired back. The panniers are a good solution though I will make a couple points. One, if you haven't ridden with panniers on your bike before you may want to test this out before committing. In short, putting 20+ lbs. over your rear wheel (as opposed to on your back) changes the way your bike handles significantly, especially cornering. Two, these panniers are essentially two big bags. The panniers don't have the organizational pockets that a backpack has. This is not necessarily a negative, just something to think about.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
25 Sep 2014
Wayne P says...
Product exactly as described. Came much faster than I expected. Not a huge bag but high quality and very easy on off attachment. Overall im thinking of buying a second set as front bags for touring.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
17 Sep 2014
Craig C says...
I could not believe the price on this pannier SET. I purchased the FREELOAD rack just prior to Thule purchasing the company and when I saw the panniers that Thule offered I wanted them.....however, the price was steep in my opinion so I purchased a more reasonably priced set of panniers. I did not get what I wanted until now. These panniers are of high quality design and craftmanship. I consider them a little heavy compared to others but the sturdy construction is probably to blame.....a worthy trade off for most pannier needs. I cannot attest to their long term durability and ability to keep things dry but I suspect they will work fine. I really like how the design allows the connecting mechanism to be covered when off the bike. They definitely do not look like panniers from the 70's. I am trying to decide if I should buy another set to use on the front :) I rarely need this price they would be good to have :) I just wish they included two sets of magnets. One to keep on bike with Freeload/Thule rack and one to keep on standard rack on my other bike. It is nice they include the mounting kit for both rack designs but I have to remove the magnet from each rack to use properly :( OR I can purchase another magnet set at $15 per magnet......which leaves me trolling the net for a deal on the pannier magnets for this situation.
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
17 Sep 2014
Louis C says...
I found these bags uphold the quality that the manufacture Thule exemplifies in the marketplace. I would not have paid the MSRP, however, at the sale price of $79.99 + shipping they are an extremely good value. Very well made with the hideaway attachment features, rain covers, & shoulder strap for each bag these bags are the the quintessential definition of Top Shelf Quality! The shipping was the same day and I had occasion to speak to 3 members of the staff and they are all very professional & knowledgable concerning the products. First and foremost that are all cyclists and genuinely want every customer to be very happy with their purchase. I would recommend to everyone that I know when looking for quality gear at the best prices on the internet just go to the BikeHub for their purchases. Keep up the great work and my very best regards to everyone there. NOTE: This review was unsolicited.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
07 Sep 2014
Nguyen Duy T says...
Im so happy when purchasing it. it's so helpful for daily using.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
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