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Price: $33.29

Ortlieb Pannier Carry System

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The Ortlieb Pannier Carry System will transform your pannier into a backpack for day hikes along your tour. It also can be useful for the commuter who can use a backpack once at school or even for those dreadful days when your ultimately decide to drive into work.

The Pannier Carry System fits on any of Ortlieb Panniers and can also be used with the Racktime Travelit. Simply click in the panniers at the top D-rings with the QL1 system or QL2 system, fasten the straps into the edge protectors of the bags with the two clips at the bottom, and your bike pannier has turned into a backpack!

Roll it up and you will see that it takes up very little space when compressed. And at a weight of just 270g you will hardly notice it at all. Reflective stitching on the outside of the comfortable shoulder straps makes this product visible in the dark. A sternum strap ensures an extra-secure fit.

Easy to stow, easy to set up and easy to use: the padded harness system for the Ortlieb bicycle pannier series.

View the Ortlieb Carry System's Instruction Manual (requires Adobe Acrobat).

  • Usable for all ORTLIEB Back-Roller and Front-Roller from model `95, Bike-Packer from model`96, Sport-Packer, Bike-Tourer, Bike-Shopper
  • Very easy to attach with the QL-System at the top and the plastic hooks at the bottom.
  • Foldable, requires only little space for the transport or when not in use
  • Compatible with panniers having Quick-Lock1 or Quick-Lock2 mounting
  • Convenient special shape made of polythene foam and polyester
  • Carrying comfort thanks to new foam design
  • Turns bike pannier into a backpack
  • Reflective yarn on shoulder straps
  • Comes with chest strap
  • Top side carrying strap
  • Chest tension buckle
  • Weight: 11 oz / 310 g
  • Height: 42 cm / 16.5 in
  • Width: 28 cm / 11 in
  • Depth: 7.5 cm / 3 in

All Ortlieb products are backed by a 5-year warranty against defects in material and manufacturing.

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Price: $33.29

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Product Reviews

15 Dec 2012
Brett H says...
I suspect this may not be as comfortable as the Ortlieb Vario backpack pannier, but the value outweighs that issue for sure. A set of two panniers plus the carry system is much more versatile and cost effective than buying the Vario backpack alone, or buying both panniers and a Vario. I purchased this item at the same time as my first set of Ortlieb panniers (back roller classic) and I am impressed with both. It has been quite convenient when I want to cycle to work in the morning and then hit the bar after work. I can leave my bike at the office and walk to the bar with my pannier on my back and take public transit home. I have also used it once or twice while riding my race bike which is not equipped with a rack . Riding with it is not ideal. The pannier rocks side to side quite a bit. It can be convenient in a pinch but don't purchase it with the intention of riding with it on a regular basis. I have only been using it a couple weeks so I can not speak for longevity of the product but I am impressed by the design and ease of use.
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
22 Oct 2012
Bret C says...
Crying around a heavy pannier when off the bike sucks. The shoulder strap is cumbersome and kills the shoulder that its on. This thing, is the best of both worlds. You don't have a backpack when you ride, and then you do when you get off. A quicker system to get the thing onto the bag would have been nice, bit generally this thing is indispensable. I highly recommend it.
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
04 Oct 2011
Ken T says...
I had my doubts about this, but it works quite well. It rolls up quite small so you can stuff it in the pannier or strap it to your rack. You *do* have to remember to grab the gray handle instead of the black one which will uncouple the pannier from the harness. But this is a minor thing and you get used to it pretty quick.
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
10 Aug 2009
Robert L says...
Surprisingly useful. If you ever want to take a pannier off the bike and do a day hike, the Carry System works fine. Not as comfortable as a full backpack, but not intended as such. Perfect for a day trip. The panniers attach via the same clips as they do to a rack, so you have to be careful not to lift the panniers using the black carry strap, because the Carry System will be released - annoying. Fortunately, the Carry System comes with its own carry strap (cleverly coloured grey to avoid confusion). I found that if I tucked the panniers black carry strap away, I avoided making the mistake of lifting by the wrong strap. Adjustable, rugged, chest strap included.
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
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