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Price: $149.99

Ortlieb Office Bag Large Plus - 2017

Stock status: 5+ in stock
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Time to head to the office?

Ortlieb has taken the best futures of their Bike Roller Plus panniers and combined them with all the things you would want in an office bag that mounts to your racks, including a spot for you computer and organizers for pens, pencils and other office goodies. The Office Bag is waterproof and includes two partitioned inner liners. The Office Large Plus comes with either the QL2.1 or QL3 system, read below for more information.

QL2.1 System: This system is similar to the QL2 in many ways but differs slightly in a few areas. The upper rail has been slightly changed, rather than having 3 independent parts the rail is 1 piece for additional strength. The reduction inserts no longer attach from the mouth of the top hook but rather from the side, and they are available in 8mm, 10mm 12mm and 16mm. The lower anchor doesn't have the elliptical rail but rather a slightly padded horizontal rail which does a nice job of protecting the finish on the vertical stays on the rack.

View the QL2.1 Mounting System Features.

QL3.1 System:mounting system allows fixing of panniers to the rack in an even more simple and faster way. The bag is inserted into the lower mounting point, and by approaching the rack, the top hooks slide into the upper reception points by means of a left to right motion. Removal of the bag is just as simple and fast: simply litt the bag by its handle and move it at the same time to the left or right.

View the QL3.1 Mounting System Features.

  • Interior office organizers for pens, pencils and other fun office items.
  • The Office Bag works great with the OMM Red Rock
  • Dimensions: 11.8" x 15.7" x 6.7" (H x W x D)
  • Volume: 21L / 1282
  • Weight: 1730g / 3.8lbs

All Ortlieb products are backed by a 5-year warranty against defects in material and manufacturing.

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Ortlieb Office Bag Large Plus - 2017click image to enlarge
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Price: $149.99

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Product Reviews

15 Feb 2017
John R says...
I purchased this bag to commute to and from law school. My requirements that it had to be durable, professional, and not look too "bikey" when detached from the bike. This bag fits the bill. I opted for the QL2.1 mounting hardware, which does provide some "poke" when carrying the bag off bike; but, on a black bag, is hardly noticeable. The Large sized bag fits my 15" MacBook Pro (thicker version, with CD drive), along with two case books, although quite full with both books. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this bag. Plus, it arrived promptly and staff was both helpful and friendly.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
03 Jan 2017
Mark T says...
Overall this a a great bag. I\'ve used it every day for the last two years through rain, snow and below zero temperatures. One of the buckles that locks down the roll over top broke today - probably form the 0 degree temps. It is very waterproof and I just sweep it off with a broom after I\'ve been riding in wet conditions and accumulated sand and dirt on the bag. One improvement I would suggest is making the handle clasp easier to use.
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
23 Jul 2015
Christian S says...
Great bag. Has an insert you need to snap in to give the bag it's rigidity. I like that the inside of the bag is basically a rigid rectangle and that the cloth is covered with stiff inserts all around so any sharp edges from office supplies/books don't poke or damage the exterior.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
05 May 2015
Derek R says...
I bought this bag about a year ago and use it for daily commuting. The good points are: - it is a bit more organised than my standard panniers and has a spot for keys, ID badge pens etc. - It is very waterproof. I was caught in a torrential downpour last week - 50 inches over about 12 h and whilst I was soaked through despite having rain gear on, my bag contents were COMPLETELY dry. The bad points are: - it is very wide so even with a tilt on the attachment mechanism (which only works one way due to the angle) it is hard to get some heel strike when starting off. - I notice the back bends and rubs a bit on the spokes when going over bumps when the bag is heavily laden eg. with a laptop in. - the Screw holding the shoulder strap on the back came loose and the attachment fell off so I can no longer use the shoulder strap. - one of the other buttons attaching the cover to the frame recently fell off Disappointing quality issues with a company that usually prides itself on longevity. Would not recommend this particular ortleib pannier but do recomment the touring ones.
Rated 3 out of 5 Stars
07 Jan 2014
Andrew E says...
I got the black QL2 version that was on sale. Adjusting it to fit on my rack was relatively easy, and so far the quick release has worked well, although it takes some practice to get used to pulling the handle at the right angle to get it to release. Still a big improvement over having to unhook a low bungee-hook when I get to work. The empty bag is fairly heavy, but that is a reflection of how sturdy it is. I haven't tested the waterproof claim. For frequent bike commuters that want to be able to take their bag inside, it's probably worth the price. If you plan to leave your pannier on the bike most of the time, there's no reason to pay for the quick release system.
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
18 Sep 2013
Osvaldo O says...
Good amount of space, 2 work shirt+pants+computer+ lunch+ plenary of space for other things (files?). It has two partitions and a stif bottom and sides. It is so easy to get on and off, that you wonder if it is well put before you start the ride, but it always hooks right! Waterproof is a plus, after 30 years of sealing my stuff for the commute, it is surreal not having to put everything in plastic bags for the ride. If you commute and carry an I-pad or laptop back and forth is worth every penny for the simple fact that it is well build and it will protect your investment against the elements. I recommend it!
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
06 Sep 2013
Musa A says...
This is a superb bike bag. I have been using it for most of the summer and it works very well. I can put in my laptop and quite a bit of reading material. Best bag for academics biking to and from office or school. I wished they have clips on the sides to clip on the shoulder strap though. Overall, it is an excellent bag.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
05 Sep 2013
Randall G says...
PRO: This one really is waterproof without the addition of a separate rain cover. That's convenient. For a large bag of this volume it is surprisingly lightweight. The rack clips work well and there are adapters included for rack rails of different diameters. The interior partitions are well thought out and don't prevent you from carrying big items like bulky groceries. CON: There is only one compartment unfortunately so you have to open the two snap clasps and unfurl the top to get access. A side zippered compartment, for items which could get wet, would be a plus. Somewhat more expensive than other commuter bags of similar size. SUMMARY: all in all a good value. I should be using this for years to come.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
26 Feb 2013
Timothy S says...
I am adding this to my earlier review. If you wish to install this bag horizontally, you have to drill a new hole as the bag is designed to mount at an angle only. Also, if you are installing it on a Tour Easy recumbent as I did you should know that my seat is more forward than other Tour Easys and so you might have to hang it higher than I did so it would be higher than the top of the seat by 3 inches. I added a cross piece of stiff wire for the bags lower attachment clip. This bag and two hazel panniers really look great and give me huge storage. It is not top heavy and all the weight is forward of the axle. I removed the interior dividers and the outboard panel as well as the outboard strap and handle. The bag now weighs in at 37.1 ounces. I would also note that the plus version is lighter than the classic version due to the material used.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
19 Feb 2013
Timothy S says...
I researched this bag at OrtliebUSA and BikeBagShop and read the reviews but it was not clear what the Plus in the product name meant. I discovered that it is the upgraded cordura material. The Classic version is the standard pannier material. I also see that the QL-3 system costs an additional $17. I am a recumbent rider and do not use this bag in the conventional manner. It is attached horizontally to the top rail of my seat (Tour Easy) and I have panniers below on there own racks for touring with no conventional over the tire rack. I do not have panniers up front but do have the Ortlieb classic plus handlebar bag.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
11 Jul 2012
Gregory B says...
This bag is awesome. It's bigger than it looks, and can fit a pair of shoes (size 13), pants, shirt, belt, socks, iPad, a bunch of files and papers, with room left over. And it's truly waterproof. The attachment mechanism is brilliant and elegant, and it works PERFECTLY. My only wish is that the closure (roll) were as elegant as the attachment.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
20 Jun 2012
Peter C says...
This is a nice looking waterproof bag that fits my 17" laptop, but I am not that happy with the QL3 mounting system. Once you have the QL3 mount installed, it gets in the way of installing pretty much anything else on the rack - for instance grocery panniers, child seat, etc. If you ever put anything else on your rack, consider the QL2 system instead. A more serious issue is that while carrying a heavy laptop with the Y-shaped Topeak rack that I have, the bottom of the bag twists a lot on bumps, to the point where the plastic bumper on the bag has hit the spokes while riding fast over bumps. Sppprrrang! I don't think this would be a problem with more H-shaped racks like the Tubus which have more lateral support at the bottom, but the point is that the QL3 mount is just too flexible. I have never had this problem with panniers using the traditional system, so maybe I'll switch to the QL2. Did I mention they look nice?
Rated 1 out of 5 Stars
21 Feb 2012
Jonas K says...
Yes, I would recommend this product and to my friends. Good size, very good looking and supposedly durable material. I would like to point out 2 things: 1. The Q3 carrying system: it is a huge leap ahead compared to the old system. It is now possible to comfortably carry the bag around even when it is quite heavy. What you have to know about this system though: the bag ships with a mounting system that is easy to install but not very stable. In my case, the lower part of the bag will dangle against the lower part of my bike rack. I feel that when I ride and it disturbs me. This is obviously quite easy to fix, but I'd rather not have to tinker to make a rather pricey product work the way it should. Also, be advised that you can only use this system on a bike that is equipped with the special mounting system (unlike the old system). 2. The closing system is not as practical as a zipper (but certainly more waterproof). It always takes a couple of seconds to undo the straps before you can access the content (i.e. not possible at a traffic light).
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
29 Nov 2011
Eric H says...
Great bag! I use it for commuting to university in addition to a cheap pannier I keep attached to my bike which holds my lock, tools, lights, etc. The QL3 system is fantastic and attaching the bag is incredibly fast and easy. I usually just fold the shoulder strap and secure it under one end of the roll top closure instead of detaching it each time. Easily carries a textbook or two, a few notebooks and lunch (in addition to pencils, calculator, etc). Tradeoffs: (1) Roll-top closure is more cumbersome than a zipper (but much more waterproof) (2) Bag is less comfortable to carry off the bike than a backpack (not uncomfortable, just less so). In the bag's favor is the great increase in comfort while riding in addition to the increased ease of accessing the contents over a backpack (bag sits upright and retains shape). Overall, since I don't have to walk long distances with my bag, this is not an issue, but it should be kept in mind if you will be doing a lot of carrying off the bike. Very happy with my purchase; would definitely purchase again and from bikebagshop who offered the bag at a great price and also threw in a free Plant Bike Superflash!
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
29 Nov 2011
Darhl E says...
I had a great shopping experience, although they forgot my bonus item originally they were fast in making it right. The bag works really great and is well made and holds my 17" laptop, which was my biggest priority. It has a lot of compartments inside for just about anything, only wish is that there were some outside pockets for items that need to be quickly accessed.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
17 Oct 2011
David M says...
Once installed, the bag clicks on quickly and easily with the QL3 system. It's large enough, and has lots of internal pockets and dividers to keep things neat. I wish it had an outside, easy-access pocket (for keys, ID). We haven't had a real downpour yet to test its waterproofness, but it's come through puddles and light rain dry. The installation instructions were poor, and installation was difficult the first time (indeed, I had to replace one of the brackets and try again; the folks at BikeBagShop were helpful, and followed through on my problem). But since I've gotten it on, it's been great to use, and was worth the hassle.
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
15 Sep 2011
Paul M says...
When I went out searching for a bag to hold my 17" HP laptop, this is what everyone said to get and they were right!! It holds my laptop, a change of clothes and a towel, so I can shower when I get to work. I do need to make some changes to the rack or get a different rack, because after I got the bag set up so that my big feet didn't hit it, it made it not lock in at the bottom. I didn't pay much for the rack, so I may just go get a better rack that will fit the bag. If you are looking for a large waterproof laptop bag, this is the one to get!
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
20 Jul 2010
Mitchell F says...
Very well thought through product and seems quite durable after one month of use it still looks like new. This is a semi rigid bag, there is a stiff plastic U-shaped piece that comes detached, snap this inside the bag and it holds its shape when empty; this makes the bag very easy to fill. For some reason it does not clip to a rack as easily as the back roller does (harder to weight the clip-side handle), but attachment is very positive and secure just like other Ortliebs. I use this with an Old Man Mountain rack and there is just barely enough heel clearance with 430mm chain stays...something to consider. I think this bag is a great value.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
02 Sep 2009
Christopher R says...
I bought this bag for my hybrid Specialized. It fits my 15" MacBook Pro perfectly with the InCase case around it. The bag shipped with a hard liner that snaps in to keep it expanded, and I haven't decided if I'm going to use it, but it is nice to have it. The closer is like a kayaking bag, where you roll it in, and then snap it shut. A nice feature is the plastic handle has a slit on it to tuck the other side of the handle into it, so you're only holding onto the one handle, not two straps. The only complaints I have are the shoulder strap is a bit narrow and the locations for where to clip it (off the handle and then on the clips on the back) are a bit inconvenient--I would prefer it to clip on the ends of the bag, like a regular shoulder bag.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
21 Jul 2009
John L says...
What a fantastic solution to my search for a briefcase that I could mount to my Tubus Cosmo Rear Rack to transport my laptop, my accessories, and my daily reading material! The bag mounts very, very securely to my Tubus rack, and it is completely watertight! No rattleing thanks to the anti-abrasion panels that Ortlieb thoughtfully designed! No additional unsightly "water proof" covers necessary to protect my electronic gear! (I have been through several thunderstorms with the bag attached to my bike ... not a drop of moisture was able to get through the bag or the top enclosure!!) The folks at are extremely responsive (Thank you, Megan, for all of your suggestions during my phone call when I ordered the bag!) and their customer service is incomparable! Well done! You have made my daily commute to and from my business an absolute pleasure! Warmest regards and many, many thanks from Chicago! John LaPine
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
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