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Price: $54.99

ESGE Double Kickstand

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Double up your kickstand with an ESGE!

This Unique, Swiss-made, heavy-duty, twin kickstand provides very stable support because of its double leg design.

The kickstand clamps to your chainstays (or mounts to a kickstand plate) directly behind the bottom bracket. Both legs fold up along the non-drive side of the bicycle. The ESGE kickstand is especially useful when using a single wheeled trailer such as a Bob Trailer or an Extra wheel. With an ESGE it is a breeze to park your bike and trailer as well as mount or dismount your trailer from your bicycle.

We highly recommend this kickstand for all sorts of uses where a strong stable base for your bike comes in handy. The ESGE is a must have for tandems whether or not they are pulling trailers. It is great on touring bicycles loaded with racks and panniers. For commuter and utility bikes, this kickstand eliminates hassles associated with loading and parking. Two wheeled bike cargo and bike child trailers stay upright on their own. However, when your lay your bicycle down it lowers the front end of the trailer. Using the ESGE keeps the trailer level and makes parking and loading or unloading much smoother.

The ESGE comes in one size that fits most bicycle sizes, 29er bottom brackets are often too tall and the legs to not reach.

  • Available in silver.
  • Comes in oversize length for height customization
  • Solid cast aluminum design.
  • Spring loaded for secure opening and closing
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 22 ounces

Pletscher offers a 36 month manufacturers warranty on the ESGE double kickstand.

ESGE Double Kickstandclick image to enlarge
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Price: $54.99

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Product Reviews

01 Jul 2011
Jana T says...
I will be purchasing my third one of these. I have broken two so far but know of no substitute. They are made of a cheap pot metal and break under load. When I have my trailer on or loaded panniers, and don't pick up the bike completely when engaging the stand it breaks. I suspect they are stressed just holding up the bike and a fracture is inevitable. I would really like to buy a better product but haven't seen it yet. A sticker saying 25Kg load was on the second one I bought...I guess they fixed the problem, heh.
Rated 3 out of 5 Stars
15 Sep 2007
Charles P says...
I resisted having a stand on my touring 'dale for 12 years, but when I bought the Burley flat bed trailer it seemed a necessity. Why did I wait so long? With a trailer it is a must as it makes lock-up to a bike stand possible, and often I just kick the stand down and lock the trailer and bike wheels with a cable and no worries for short stops. Can't wait to long distance tour with panniers again as I will not have to wait for something to lean the loaded bike against in order to take photos alongside the roads. Brilliant!
Rated 4 out of 5 Stars
17 Apr 2007
Ron K says...
I have these kickstands on 4 bikes, so I must like them. I like the stability they offer (when set up correctly) and I like the attention they attract. And yes, a bike/well balanced B.O.B. combo WILL actually stand in a straight line with this kickstand. But these kickstands also have their drawbacks. They are a bit heavier and expensive than a standard kickstand and a lot heavier and more expensive than no kickstand. And set-up is not easy. The legs have to be cut to the proper length for each set of wheels. Leave the legs too long and the front or rear wheel will rear up in a ridiculous looking way. Cut the legs too short and they won't reach the ground and the bike won't stand at all. Cut one leg just a hair shorter than the other and the bike will tilt slightly to the shorter side, making it very unstable. Attach the kickstand at other than a perfect 90 degree angle to the top tube and similar instability occurs. Altogether, it's not easy, at least not for me. But, if you don't care much about a little extra weight, are a pretty good home bike mechanic, and don't mind a little extra fussing with your bike this is the kickstand to get, especially if you sometimes pull a B.O.B. It's just a very cool kickstand.
Rated 3 out of 5 Stars
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