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The Full Lineup of Chrome Backpacks, Messenger and Utility Bags

Getting Started:

The thing about Chrome is that once you get hooked on their products, there's no turning back. We're big fans here, mostly because their products are so darn durable. Crash and rash aside, their products just keep rolling like nuthin' even happened. Nifty design details and hi-tech fabrics make the useful indispensable.

Chrome began in Boulder, Colorado in 1996. After a stint in Denver, the company settled down in San Francisco. The founders were a group of cyclists using cycling bags but not finding anything available that really met their standards and manifesto: functionality, utility, and durability. They're best known for their chrome plated "seatbelt" buckles on their messenger bags.
Once they started making urban cycling clothing, they became preeminent in the cycling niche. One of the coolest aspects of Chrome products is that they still make most of their products in the U.S. If you ever get the chance to watch one of their craftspeople make a product in person, take the time. It's fascinating to watch and they really know their stuff.

While their apparel is highly functional, it still resonates with an urban hip flavor. Yeah, it's iconic now, but it's still cool. How do they do that?

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