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Price: $250.99

Ortlieb Bike Tourer Panniers

Stock status: 1 in stock
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Bike Touring Specialist Bags

Going somewhere by bike? The Ortlieb Bike Tourer Panniers have ample room for a long tour, but still maintain a lightweight and easy-to-use quality. The whole bag has integrated stiffeners to allow for maximum space utilization, and also adds durability to your panniers. The Tourer also comes equipped with the organization of an outer pocket which cinches tight to keep your gear in place, along with an inner zipper pocket with a key hook so you have a place for all of your quick access necessities.

If you're really packing up for an extended tour, you can combine the Bike Tourer with the Ortlieb Travel Biker Case, the Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Handlebar Bag, and the Front Roller Plus which are all available in the matching Hazel color. The entire touring package is completely waterproof, and is great for touring comfortably for long trips and family tours. Ride in style with the Bike Tourer Panniers.

Comes as a set of 2 panniers

  • Available colors: hazel
  • Waterproof Cordura fabric
  • Integrated stiffeners on all sides of bag
  • Cap lid with single buckle closure
  • Front Pouch with side cinching straps
  • Internal zipper pocket with integrated outer mesh pockets and key hook
  • Utilizes adjustable QL2 upper and lower mounting systems
  • Individual use of pannier possible
  • Carrying handle
  • Removable Shoulder Straps
  • Shoulder strap inserts on side for securing straps tightly
  • Fits rack sizes 8mm to 16mm with 2 pairs of removable inserts for a snug fit
  • Reflective elements on sides of bags
  • Dimensions: 15.7 x 12.6 - 9.1 x 6.7 / 39.88 x 32 - 23.11 x 17.02 cm
  • Volume: 2563 cu in / 42 Liters (pair)
  • Weight: 90.7 oz / 2570 gr

All Ortlieb products are backed by a 5 year warranty against defects in material and manufacturing.

Ortlieb Bike Tourer Panniersclick image to enlarge
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Price: $250.99

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Product Reviews

05 Jun 2013
Ve U says...
This is not a product review but rather a Company Review. Josh the owner is all about looking after his own needs and not the customer needs. I purchased a set of Pannier Bags for $250.99 (not cheap) and before I even received in the mail, the product was put on sale for $25.00 less. Remember I did not even receive it yet so I called the Bike Bag Shop and requested a credit for the difference. Only 6 days had elapsed since I placed the order and noticed it on sale later. THE COMPANY WOULD NOT EVEN CONSIDER HONORING MY REQUEST FOR A CREDIT TO GIVE ME THE SALE PRICE. Most reputable retail stores will at least honor this request within 14 days of purchasing a product. Imagine buying a product one day, the next day they ship it out, i do not receive it yet in the mail and then the same product goes on sale for 10% less. I will never buy from this company again. They are totally selfish and not concerned about doing business in a professional manner. I WILL BE AFRAID OF BUYING ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY IN FEAR OF IT GOING ON SALE EVEN BEFORE I RECEIVE THE PRODUCT. TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL AND LACKING CONCERN FOR THE CUSTOMER. REMEMBER, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY CAUSE THEY MAY PUT IT ON SALE AND DO NOT EXPECT THE SALE PRICE. THEY WILL NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT THEIR COMPETITION IS DOING. THEY ARE ARROGANT AND HAVE THE ATTITUDE THAT THEY DO NOT NEED OUR BUSINESS. FIVE THUMBS DOWN IN MY REVIEW OF THIS COMPANY!!!... :((-------------------RESPONSE FROM Josh of I first would like to note, that we care very much about our customers and put in great efforts to bring the best possible cycling products and services to our customers at great prices. That said, to exist as a viable company, we have decided to make policies around various customer service circumstances such as price matching. We have found that the best way for us to maintain a high quality level of service is to establish consistent policies and apply those policies as fairly and with as much communication as possible. We do appreciate feedback on our policies and Ve Uu, your opinion is being listened to. If other customers would like to express their opinion on this or other policies, please email us at -------------- For clarification, the following is our official policy regarding requests for retroactively changing prices on an existing order: If a customer contacts us about retroactively applying a sale price before their order has left our warehouse, we will issue a refund. Once the shipment has left our building we will not offer a discount to match a sale price. We have enacted this policy as one level of compromise. The primary reason that we do not retroactively apply sale prices beyond this is because most of the time that we apply discounts, it is because we are receiving large quantities at a discount from our vendor that allows us to profitably allow the discount. Our primary commitment is to offer great customer service and expertise and do all of these things in as consistent and timely a manner as possible.
Rated 1 out of 5 Stars
01 Mar 2013
Timothy S says...
I am adding this to my earlier review. I said that these panniers are wider than other Ortlieb panniers but I meant that they increase the bicycles overall width. So if you have to squeeze through a narrow opening you may have to remove one or both panniers temporarily. I have them mounted on their own racks directly against the frame of my recumbent bicycle so the bike is more narrow than if the panniers were mounted on a rack over the wheel. They are much lower that way as well.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
01 Mar 2013
Timothy S says...
The single clip fastener and no rolling make this a convenient pannier to access. It is so stiff to operate however that I filed it a bit and now it operates very smoothly. The outside pocket is relatively small but is even easier to access as there are no clips or snaps. Far better than the roll tops and still keep out the rain. The interior is held open by side stiffeners. Besides the stiff clip, the only negative might be that they are wider than the other Ortlieb panniers especially if the outside pockets are stuffed. They are also shorter than the other panniers but have the highest capacity. Even with there higher price, I have not experienced any buyers regret as they look great and are the best I have seen.
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
16 Mar 2011
Marc H says...
Since the bags have just arrived I can't give a post ride report, but having used several other types of bags I can ay they seem like they will be fantastic. ; they are well finished, roomy but still fairly lightweight, the outside pocket is easy to open and close, which combined wit the flap on the main compartment, will surely make for easy access on the road. I can't wait to try them
Rated 5 out of 5 Stars
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